A project initiated by the American Hardwood Export Council in Australia, New Zealand and the UAE.
13 Designers demonstrate how good design and US hardwoods can leave a light environmental footprint.

The word sustainable has almost become design rhetoric. Whilst many well-intentioned designers claim sustainability in their approach to their work, there is often little solid evidence to support them in making those claims.

In collaboration with 13 of the most prominent and exciting designers in Australia, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates, with Seed to Seat, AHEC asks “What is the true environmental impact of design?”

In response to a brief for ‘something to sit on’, each designer will create a piece made from American hardwood lumber. Their designs will be subject to a full Life Cycle Assessment, evaluating the environmental impact of each and every piece. 

For each design, AHEC will also calculate how many seconds it would take for the wood used to make the piece to regenerate naturally in the US hardwood forest.